The services which we offer to our clients

Crop Protection

 Farm assurance and stewardship management like; Global Gap, Assured Produce, LEAF  Integrated crop and pest management strategy (IPM/ICM).  Pesticide management and usage (Safe and effective use of pesticides).  Calibrations Training.  Environmental stewardship and strategy.  Insect/pest forecasting/Scouting and monitoring strategy.  Phytosanitary managements.

Quality Management:

 Auditing and site preparation against technical standards, like; BRC and retail customer protocols including M&S F2F and the Waitrose Farm standard.  Quality system design and management (QMS).  Food Safety, HACCP and traceability system design and implementation.  Specification management and design.  Quality system validation and verification.

Product Management:

 Fresh produce sourcing and supply chain management.  Product benchmarking and organoleptic studies.  Varietal trials development and monitoring.  New product development ‘first to market.’  Promotion of products (through field trials, trade shows and overseas visits/Exhibitions).  Advise on wide range of crop husbandry (Risk assessment, Analysis, fertilizer use, irrigation system installation) -General agronomical practices.

Our Service

we over varius Service and Agribusiness solutions to all farmers in the region.