About Us


About Us

Fresh Agriculture is a fast-growing consulting firm in agricultural fields and food industries, combining deep knowledge with specialized expertise in agricultural strategies, operations, risk managements, organizational restructuring and leadership development. We focus on enhancing the productivity and profitability of small and medium scale farmers. We are also involved in farming activities as a sustainable income for our farm and community at large. Fresh Agriculture was started in the year 2007 with high inspiration of assisting small scale farmers/Small micro enterprise exporters/company (SMES) .The Company officially registered as a limited company in Kenyan in April, 2014. The organization is non political private entity with well elaborated structure of management and goal oriented. The company is on the drive and in progress of registering with National industrial Training Authority (NITA).


Our Mission

To develop agricultural and food industries Sector in Africa and Middle East through independent mind, professional agronomy consultancy, science based decisions and technological innovation.


Our Vision

Being a global partner in Agricultural food production, food Industries development and Sustainable and effective agricultural practices.